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Pizza Ovens

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42% Alumina Fire Brick

 25mm, 38mm, 64mm and 76mm 

From: £3.00
Crank Body


From: £11.36
Dense Castable Refractory (25kg)

Graded to 1400°C, 1600°c or 1700°c

From: £16.50
Fire Cement 25Kg

Grey or White Cement  - Graded to 1600°C

From: £35.00
Fire Clay - 25kg Sack
From: £12.00
Smooth Terracotta Clay

Temp Range:-1000°C - 1160°C

From: £6.30

With many years experience in Pizza Oven Construction - we are happy to help.

Having heard the horror stories of Pizza ovens that have not survived the British climate etc, we have some firm advice of the things you should and more importantly shouldn't do!

There are some materials that should not be used in high temp applications - please call us we will talk you through a process that should help you get the over you want!