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You may have seen that we are only able to dispatch some items on a palletised service - Hopefully we can explain this decision.

What items are sent on a pallet?

 Larger amounts of clay and raw materials there are some items that are sent on a palletised service, these are:-

Kilns Batt with a dimension if 13.5" and over
Ceramic Fibre Board - any size.


Kiln batts and ceramic boards, are some what fragile and when packed and sent with a normal courier service, in a normal box, where they are handled through large depots and hub's, we have found that they are often chipped, cracked or indeed completely smashed.  Causing problems for you as you dont have your goods when you need them, and problems for us - we have to resend and spend months chasing couriers for an insurance claim etc.  We knew that if we wanted to keep our pricing at a sensible level and meet the needs of our customer, we would have to send thse items in a way that they arrive whole, intact and perfect.

The decision was made that all items that fell into this catergory would be sent out on a pallet,  This would cost a little bit more, but would enable our customers to have the item when they needed AND be able to make the most of the extra price for delivery by adding extra clay etc.

Ok - What will this cost me?

To most mainland England and Wales Address' the following prices will apply:-

upto 250kg £40
Upto 500kg £45
upto 1100kg £50

As you can see you can add A LOT of extra weight to these pallets -  TALK to us about YOUR needs.

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