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Smooth Terracotta Clay

Temp Range:-1000°C - 1160°C

From: £6.30
Crank Body


From: £11.36
CWE -  White Earthenware

Temp Range:-1000°C - 1160°C

From: £9.74
Smooth Buff Stoneware


From: £6.83
ES5 - Earthstone Original


From: £14.70
ES20 - Earthstone Smooth Textured


From: £19.01
Audrey Blackman Porcelain

1220°C -1280°C

From: £21.00
Bone China Porcelain


From: £23.10
PF520 - Ashraf Hanna Raku By Earthstone

900ºC -1300ºC

From: £18.90
PF660 - Black Chunky Sculpture Clay


From: £18.90
PF670 - Black Textured by Earthstone


From: £18.90
Royale Porcelain

1220°C - 1280°C

From: £18.90

We are agents for VALENTINE CLAYS, we keep a basic range of clay in stock

All of our clays are sold at a single bag price and a heavily discounted bulk price. 

All clays except Flax Paper Clay are sold in 12.5KG Bags
Casting slips are supplied in 1 Gallon (Approx 4.54l) Buckets 

A clay order can be placed at any point, if the clay is in stock we will dispatch immediately, if not in stock, we will add to our next order from Valentine Clay and deliver as soon as we have it - if in any doubt please call us