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BUR 1 Small General Purpose Burner Kit

This is ideal for small Raku kilns or for the preheating of larger kilns, can also be used for drying out work - when time is a pressure.

From: £40.00
BUR 3  Industrial Burner Kit

Idea for kilns up to 3 cft in volume, the 77,000 btu burner in this kit is fitted with a thermostatic flame failure device

BUR4 Industrial Burner Kit

Idea for kilns with a 2-7 Cft Capacity

BUR 5 Industrial Burner Kit

Kiln Burner Kit 5-10 Cu ft burner with flame failure device

At Castree Kilns we build in-house a wide range of burners suitable for all industrial applications, from production kilns to food factories.

We can supply our burners singularly, in pairs and larger groupings, we also add flame failure devices, flashback arrestors and ignition systems for simple and easy to use burner systems

Our in-house technical team can design and build your bespoke burner system for your needs. 
 Please give us a call and speak to us about your needs - This is the best way to order.
There is a 3-6 week turnaround on all burners unless we agree otherwise